Sunday, October 26, 2008

please allow me to introduce myself...

To begin with, I'm not really Jewish, unless heritage counts. I do, however,, that is. I brew at home for enjoyment and practice in the pursuit of experience and knowledge to someday aid me in my quest to open my own brewery. If for nothing else, I would keep doing it because I enjoy the hands-on aspect and the freedom to create virtually any style that I want.

A few more things about myself:
I enjoy nearly all styles of beer, with tastes that often change with the seasons.
Right now, my preference lies with malty, full bodied beers. Hops are always welcome, but lots of aroma or bitterness is not necessary. When spring rolls around, hops will most likely come to the forefront of my cravings.
I advocate responsible drinking, while at the same time realizing that, sometimes, it's nice to cut loose.

Cheers, brothers.

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