Monday, November 10, 2008

A belated (but delicious) update

Bottled the budget brew a few days ago. This is true budget status. I was a little short on priming sugar, so I just used what I had and said "oh well". Give it two or three weeks, I'm sure it'll come out fine.

The biggest piece of news, however, is a very distinct change in flavor. In a previous post, I had mentioned a nice, malty character present in the beer. At bottling time, the honey malt was really showing through. And it was good. Very interesting to note the change; it happened so quickly that I was not expecting anything different. I have seen hop profile change quickly, but this is a first for malt profile changing on short notice (at least for me). Oh, learning, you are glorious. At least when I don't have to learn the hard way, that is.

Cheers, happy brewing...Le Chaim!

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