Saturday, January 17, 2009

California UNcommon

I brewed a California Common, but with different hops than I was supposed to use. That's why I came up with the name. Clever, ain't it? The store was out of Northern Brewer, so they recommended Centennial instead. We'll see how it turns out.

Brewing day went off without a hitch, despite the fact that I completely forgot to measure the amount of water for the initial mash. No measuring, just a lot of dumping hot water, and me realizing my potenital mistake, and then damning it all to hell and going with it. All I had to do was adjust the amount of sparge water, no big deal.

This is why I love winter. It's cold enough that I can do a lager in the garage, without proper cooling equipment. The yeast for this batch is specifically bred to be able to ferment a little higher than lager yeast usually does, so it can handle the 60 degrees during the day, and the super cold nights.

The recipe, in case anyone is interested, is as follows:

8.5 lbs Pale two row
.75 lb Caramel 40
.5 lb Carapils

1 oz Centennial @ 60 min
1 oz Centennial @ 15 min

WLP-810 San Francisco Lager Yeast

Cheers, brothers, and Happy Brewing!

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