Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Success!

Just when I open my mouth (see previous post), I go and screw something up. The California Common I brewed is in no great danger, but I made a little mistake. In my great excitement at anything related to brewing, I transferred it to the secondary fermentor a little too early. I transferred after ten days, a pretty normal times for ales. This, however, was not an ale. It was a lager. Looking back at the original recipe, I should have given it at least 14 days, if not longer. I brewed using the same recipe a while back, and I gave that one 18 days in primary.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what's the problem? Well...under attenuation? If that means nothing to you, how about less alcohol and more residual sweetness? Incomplete fermentation. Not to worry, though. As it turns out, the yeast were just moving a little slower because the fermentation temperature was around 50 F, and that whole transferring too early thing. There are still yeast, and they are still working, but slowly. I was planning on 2 weeks in secondary. It may be three now. Which is fine. Conditioning time never hurt anybody, or any beer, for that matter.

So why the hell did I write all this if there's no real problem?! Cause I felt kinda dumb, and I wanted everybody to know.

Cheers, brothers, and happy brewing!

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