Tuesday, January 27, 2009


03/06/2008: History is made. For me at least. This was the day I bottled a coffee porter I brewed, thinking myself a veritable genius. Well, it turns out that everyone and their mother has brewed a coffee porter, or coffee stout-people always bring up the other when in the presence of either-and I ran the risk of being just another homebrewer. Then, over continuous and consecutive months later, it occurred to me that mine was the best. Ever. Why? Because I'm awesome, and decent looking, and a nice guy(for the most part). I'm pretty sure, once again, that I can do no wrong.

XX/XX/2008: Numerous praises for my coffee porter, and from people who don't even like porters, nonetheless.

XX/XX/2009: Manager at my employing restaurant, after much hounding, gets to try the coffee porter. He approves, and suggests I leave a bottle for the head chef, who presides over the two different locations and works in the corporate office.

01/27/2009: Head chef takes the beer home. Says he really liked it, and he's someone who only drinks darker styles, at least on a regular basis. How stoked am I? I swear I'm gonna get a license to be a contract brewer.

So, I know I've tooted my horn a lot here, but I feel I should at least be a little proud of myself. I have yet to hear anything negative, except for one suggestion to use a bit less coffee, or maybe some more chocolate malt.

P.S. HUGE thanks to Palmer, for providing me with a recipe that I would modify slightly. I'm such a cheater.

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