Sunday, February 15, 2009


That's all I could think of when cleaning the carboy the other day. I had just finished racking the coffee porter into secondary, and was trying to get the yeast cake out of the bottom to harvest (or attempt to harvest) some of the yeast. But the damn thing was stuck. Really stuck. I had to shake it for a good couple of minutes to get the cake to slide slothily down the wall and towards the mouth. Then it hit me, that overwhelming smell of coffee found only in a young coffee infused beer. It made me kinda nautious. After the immediate coffee shock, I smelled a very nutty aroma, which inevitably led my thoughts down the path of poo, sliding down the walls and out the bung hole of the carboy. Sliding, glopping, plopping, reeking of nuts and looking like something that might come out of a 70 year-old man (don't ask me how I know). I actually laughed a bit, after being grossed out. In the end, I dumped (haha, dumped) it all down the drain. Why would I want to harvest yeast that have been tainted by coffee? And possibly developed a caffeine dependency? "If you don't give us coffee by twelve, we won't be able to finish the workday!" Lazy drugged up bastards. Chip off the old block, I see.

On a less anal and much more delicious note, I also racked the California UNcommon into second/third-ary. It tasted like God sent it down from heaven, so I'm guessing the conditioning time in the cold garage helped a lot. If you're curious as to what I mean by "second/third-ary", check out the miniscule problem I had. Since I repitched some yeast, I decided to rack a third time to ensure clarity and tastiness.

Cheers, Brothers, and happy brewing!

P.S. Since I plan on going to school to learn all about professional brewing, I have come to the realization that every beer I drink can be written off as "research". Take that, society. I don't have a drinking problem, I have a research problem.


Thom said...

I have seen some very funky stuff come out of primary fermenters.

Once I forget to clean one and left it aside for a week. When I remembered it I stuck my nose in the top of it to see what it might smell of and was nearly knocked off my feet with the smell of acetone and higher alcohols. These are not things we want in our beer.

rabbi lionheart said...

Acetone is no great fun to smell. Imagine drinking it. Imagine drinking acetone with an aftertaste of, umm, brown stuff. Then death, probably. Definately not things we want in our beer.