Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just a quick note

Many recent tastings of my California UNcommon have been, well, semi-lackluster. Yesterday I discovered that I left the kegerator open all night. Great. CO2, welcome to your new home, i.e. the head space in the keg, not in the beer where you once resided. So today, I jumped up the pressure for a few little while, and now I'm gonna let it sit until later tonight, when I'll taste it again. The only actual problem so far is that it pours with a nice, creamy head, but no residual carbonation. It's been like drinking cold, flat beer.

On a more taste related note, here's what I scribbled down earlier:
  • crisp, but not dry
  • definite hop bitterness right away, followed by a light caramel, almost honey sweetness
  • slightly grassy hop aroma and taste in the finish
  • could be a little drier or, for the style, i think a little less hoppy
  • definite hint of "lager" but a highly bearable amount.
  • deep golden, but not amber colored, and very clear
  • white, creamy, head that last
Overall, I'm actually pretty satisfied. Is it good? I'd say so. Is it a good session beer (something I've been looking for recently)? Not so much. If I remember correctly, it's clocking in at or around 6% abw.

Cheers, brothers, and happy brewing, drinking, or whatever it is you do for fun.

P.S. I'll be brewing a maibock next, I think. Still working on the recipe though.

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