Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ready, set, Barrel!

That's right, I'm gonna buy a barrel. American white oak, brand spankin new. And guess what's gonna go in it? A Russian Imperial Stout. Yep. Gonna brew the hell out of some RIS this weekend, and when it's mostly done, I'm gonna throw a few gallons in the barrel. Haven't decided whether I should get the 2.5 gallon or 3 gallon. Big dilemma, I know. I pieced the recipe together from a few different sources, and modified a bit to fit my current inventory. Here it is:

15 lbs Pale 2-row
1 lb C60
1 lb Roasted Barley
.75 lb Black Patent
.75 lb Chocolate Malt

1 oz Warrior @ 90 min
.25 oz Perle @ 60 min
.75 oz Perle @ 20 min
1 oz Glacier @ 10 min

WLP-004 Irish Ale Yeast

Scheduled single temp infusion mash for 1 hour @ 154 F.
Second, smaller, single temp infusion, 15 min @ 170 F.

90 min boil

<1000 mL starter

Any homebrewers have questions, comments, or anyone else qualified to comment, feel free.

Cheers, brothers!

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