Thursday, April 30, 2009


That's the day I leave for Anderson Valley's festival. I've been looking forward to this since, well, the minute I left last year's festival. Super stoked, and to think I almost missed it because I got pharyngitis. Not swine flu. I swear. But drugs and sleep have given me a near full recovery; tomorrow I should be more than ready.

I haven't had any beer since Saturday night. Damn. That's a recent record for me. I might just wait until Saturday, for the fest. Gotta start drinking again on a good note, right?

Homebrewing side note: Don't let a dirty carboy sit for two or three weeks in your bathtub. It wasn't all that hard to clean up, but it sure did stink somethin fierce.

Last thing. My barrel got delayed. Wrong shipping address. How did they not catch it? They tried to send it to a postal code that doesn't exist in the particular state they tried to send it to!

Cheers, brothers, and happy brewing!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Less than a month, now.

In less than a month, I get to be one of the luckiest people around. I'm going to Anderson Valley Brewing Company's beer fest, and it's gonna be amazing. Gonna try to brew a quick batch before we go, something pale or maybe a little orangy/amber colored, depending on how much crystal malt I have left.

Highlights from last year include: chili beer, captain and vanille (a porter mixed with a vanilla cream ale, or something to that effect), some really great IPA's (including Pliny the Elder), and more. This year's gonna be even better. Contemplating picking up a whole case of Pliny from RRBC, if they'll let me.

Overall, I'd say I'm hella excited. Yeah, I said hella, don't judge me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just heard thunder clap

Seriously, it was so close that it actually "clapped". Now I know where the term "thunder clap" came from. So close it could have struck me. But I'm too pretty for that.

Gonna test the RIS tomorrow, see where the gravity stands. I lost almost a half gallon of liquid during primary fermentation because the damn thing overflowed. Good, healthy yeast starter combined with more yeast nutrient in the boil and almost six gallons of wort (as opposed to my usual 4.5 or 5) spelled disaster for the cleanliness aspect of my pantry. And I got sprayed in the face when I removed the airlock. That was actually kind of funny.

Here's the plan: If the beer is underattenuated, I'm gonna steal some yeast from the trub, make a "restarter", and see what few extra gravity points I can whittle away from it. Worked well for the coffee porter I did a while back, why not for the RIS?

Ordering my barrel today, too. I'm excited. Two and a half gallons of oak-aged, delicious (hopefully) Russian Imperial Stout await. In about three or four months, that is. The rest will be bottled, with some of those bottles more than likely being used to top up the barrel.

This stuff is getting heavy, and it's only the beginning. And I'm loving every minute of it.

Cheers, brothers.