Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something for Adeptus

And for anyone else who might be interested. It took me a while, but my lazy ass finally got a picture of the barrel. On it's right you'll see a small starter (today is brewday), and behind that the remainder of the RIS, in a jug and some bottles even further back.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy busy busy, not really

But kinda busy. Transferred the RIS to the barrel around a week ago, been tasting it as I go along. Convenient little thing, that pour spout. The majority of what I can say is "woody". Is it a good thing? I think so. It's what a pretentious person would call "sophisticated", which really just means you have to take time and effort to appreciate it. After the initial oak shock, normal-ish flavors resume. My worry is that is will get too woody, over-oaked, and undrinkable. Unless you're the kind of person who enjoys drinking a whole pint of whiskey. So far, no problems, but I like to worry.

Moving on, Sunday is IPA day. Stupid me, I forgot to buy an IPA at the store today. I like to drink something when brewing, and an IPA sounded perfect; out with the old, in with the new sort of thing. Oh well, there's some interesting looking pales in the build-you-own six pack, so I'm content. In case anyone's interested, here's the recipe:

10 lbs Pale 2-row
.5 lb Caramel 20
.5 lb Vienna (store was out of munich)

1.25 oz Columbus @ 60 min
1.25 oz Centennial @ 15 min
2.00 oz Amarillo @ 5 min

WLP-001 California Ale Yeast

Not sure about the dry hopping yet. More to come. I'm going for something floral and citrusy in the nose, to balance out that "I'm an IPA brewer and I want to punch you in the face with bitterness" feel of many out there. Gotta clean out the keg too, that thing's been sitting for like two months with nothing but sediment in it.

Cheers, brothers, and happy beering!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I've got wood!

It finally arrived. The barrel. Now it's happily soaking in hot water in the shade on the side of my house. He was thirsty, let me tell you. I never realized until now just how much oak affects the flavor of whiskey. As I was filling the barrel, I questioned whether it was really new or not. Maybe it had been used for whiskey? But no, it was new. It's not that it smelled like whiskey; it's whiskey that smells like the barrel.

Three days from now, the RIS is going in, and there's no turning back from that point.

Wish me luck, brothers, and happy beering.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

IPA overload, and rain.

It dumped rain the whole day of the Boonville Beerfest, but that didn't stop us. As long as you have a jacket, which I did, it was pretty much the same as drinking in the sunshine.

Over 40 brewers. Some dude said 70. I think he's a liar. He also said Pliny the Elder has some ingredients that make beer ferment a second time in your stomach, evoking a halucinogenic-seeming drunk fest that could last, if proper amounts were consumed, for days. Liar, and probably a thief. I digress. Over 40 brewers, and everbody and their damn mother had an IPA. I like IPA's, but this was ridiculous. If I was on a quest to discover which variety of hops I like best in an IPA, regardless of malt, I would have been in the right place. However, as always, there were a few saving graces (not that very many were bad). My favorites:

Orange Blossom IPA(forgot the brewery)-I know I might have gotten sick of them, but this one was worth buying. Made with real orange blossoms, it literally smelled like a very floral IPA with, you guessed it, orange blossoms! I happen to love oranges, and orange blossoms. Poured, surprisingly, from a can, it was well balanced, probably low on the IBU range for IPA's.

Vanilla Wheat and Chocolate Porter(or stout?)- A delicious blend, weighted more towards the vanilla wheat. Had to have been real vanilla, nothing artificial about it. Also probably the only wheat beer I've come across that I would willingly buy.

Despite the rain, and the annoyingly overabundant IPA's, it was a great festival. Camping in the rain is kinda fun. I could show you pictures, but I won't. I don't even have a picture of the plastered guy on drugs who fell down the embankment into the creek. Classic.

Cheers, brothers, and happy everything.