Friday, May 15, 2009

I've got wood!

It finally arrived. The barrel. Now it's happily soaking in hot water in the shade on the side of my house. He was thirsty, let me tell you. I never realized until now just how much oak affects the flavor of whiskey. As I was filling the barrel, I questioned whether it was really new or not. Maybe it had been used for whiskey? But no, it was new. It's not that it smelled like whiskey; it's whiskey that smells like the barrel.

Three days from now, the RIS is going in, and there's no turning back from that point.

Wish me luck, brothers, and happy beering.


Adeptus said...

So where did you buy the barrel from? Any photos of it's oaky goodness? :)

rabbi lionheart said...

got the barrel from

no pictures at the moment, might be able to get one later today