Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear God, calm down already!

Is it me, or does the beer world seem situated to forever be at war? I admit, I am part of the problem, but, it seems to me that everybody has a negative opinion of some other countries beer styles. I know we all have our preferences, but damn! Calm down! Someone else's favorite style may not match up with your own. Deal with it. Don't insult them. Don't go on about how their beer sucks, attributing it to their country. Honestly, every country has their divisions, and they should be accepted. I don't like particular beers, but that doesn't mean those beers suck. I prefer my beers "a little colder than they should be served", but who gives a damn? There is no one right way to brew, and no one right way to do much else. If you think I'm wrong, you can burn in hell.

I realize I may be a hypocrite (sometimes I complain about certain countrie's beer styles), but the things we hate in others are the things we hate in ourselves.