Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And for those who care...

Mainly myself, I think. I haven't brewed in more than a month. My IPA is still on tap. It went on hiatus until I got my new tap handle, which works beautifully. Gonna be a hop harvest ale next. Low yield from the yard this year, though, so I'll use them as an accent towards the end.

Bottled the RIS, now just gotta wait a few months for full maturity. Only broke one bottle and spilled two in the process! Not bad, huh? I was pissed.

Making wine now. Calm down. I'll never love anything more than beer. I have to do this for school. BS in wine, brewing school after that. Why? Two birds with one very large, drawn-out stone. Grapes were free, too. Used a two-by-four to crush the grapes. Gonna call him "Ol' Mashy".

Cheers, brothers, Le'Chaim!

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