Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Happened to Hip-Hops?

Seriously, I liked what they wrote, and the places/beers they wrote about. They haven't written since August 13th. Anyone know what's going on? Did they switch to a new site, or just quit?

Oh, and on a disappointing side note, I bottled my Winter Warmer. Didn't turn out as I had hoped. A little too sweet, not spicy enough. Next time maybe no cinnamon. And no chocolate malt; that stuff is powerful in the color department. Went from an amber in my mind to a brown in reality. Alright to drink, but nothing special. Bottled about 18 twelve ouncers, dumped the rest. Gonna see how it does with some age, but not expecting much.

On a much happier side note, I got a 3 gallon keg! I'm super stoked, cause now I can keg most of a batch, and bottle the rest to see how it ages. Man, I love aging! Of beers, that is. Aging of myself just sucks. I'm already sure I won't be able to move my knee within the next year. I need a robot joint.

Next up: An American Maibock In...America!

Cheers, everyone, and hoppy brewing(I made a pun!)

P.S. If you know what happened to Hip-Hops, or just want to share another worthy blog, leave a comment. I like comments, they make me feel good.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Of new years, great beer, and the "R" word.

First beers of 2010: Sierra Nevada Torpedo (last night), and Green Flash West Coast IPA (today). A good start, I'd say. The GFWCIPA (nice initials, huh?) is very nice; substantial bitterness, with a nice pungency to it, and a great floral nose.

I'd like to say I have some major resoultions. In fact, I do. Are they appropriate for this atmoshpere? The only one I can think of is to brew more often. But that started last year, really. So, I'm already on track, right? Time to celebrate.

Maibock scheduled to start as soon as I finish the Winter Ale and get the Porter moved through. Couple months of conditioning, with a nice little yeast strain called WLP-810, San Francisco Lager yeast. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be delicious. A bit of an American take on Maibock, with less Munich malt and more hops than normal.

One last thing: Winemaking sucks. Boring, uninteresting, and the industry is just barely starting to get rid of its snobbery. Do you know how much it sucks to go to school for something you never plan on doing? It blows. Jesus, it blows so much...well, you know.

Cheers, brothers, and maybe sisters, say hi to your mother for me, and happy beering!