Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Happened to Hip-Hops?

Seriously, I liked what they wrote, and the places/beers they wrote about. They haven't written since August 13th. Anyone know what's going on? Did they switch to a new site, or just quit?

Oh, and on a disappointing side note, I bottled my Winter Warmer. Didn't turn out as I had hoped. A little too sweet, not spicy enough. Next time maybe no cinnamon. And no chocolate malt; that stuff is powerful in the color department. Went from an amber in my mind to a brown in reality. Alright to drink, but nothing special. Bottled about 18 twelve ouncers, dumped the rest. Gonna see how it does with some age, but not expecting much.

On a much happier side note, I got a 3 gallon keg! I'm super stoked, cause now I can keg most of a batch, and bottle the rest to see how it ages. Man, I love aging! Of beers, that is. Aging of myself just sucks. I'm already sure I won't be able to move my knee within the next year. I need a robot joint.

Next up: An American Maibock In...America!

Cheers, everyone, and hoppy brewing(I made a pun!)

P.S. If you know what happened to Hip-Hops, or just want to share another worthy blog, leave a comment. I like comments, they make me feel good.

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