Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Adventure!

As of Feb. 18th, I will officially live in a new location. A location that does not allow barbeques, except in designated areas, which suck. Add to this the fact that my brewing system has a way higher output than a normal bbq, and also a small leakage/backdraft/blowup problem, and you have eviction. So, what's the solution? Brew at mom and dad's house, of course! But that's 20 minutes away...well, I'll do one batch over there. An American take on Maibock. It's for AVBC's festival. Then, if that turns out to be too much of a pain in my ass, I'll just hold off for the term of the six month lease. And in the meantime...Sake!!! That's right, sake. Rice "wine". Delicious stuff. And surprisingly easy to make, in theory. I'll give it a go, because I love sake, and it requires no distillation, which scares me to the point of interest.

Cheers, and say hello to your mothers for me.

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