Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm a bit bored. And a bit needy. Also a bit full of myself when it comes to beer knowledge. So I pose this Q&A session.

Q1: Is IPA, in it's current incarnations (American West Coast, American East Coast, English, etc) better than the "original"? Or has it's multifaceted glory become an abomination to the style, and should subsequently be renamed?

Homework: Ask me a question. Anything semi beer related. I have the ability to talk for hours about this stuff, if I have an interested party, which has led myself to believe I am very knowledgeable. So test me. Anything piquing you're curiosity right now? I will help you solve it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Maibock here I come!

Finally, I've gotten a fridge so I can do cold fermentation and extended cold conditioning. Just bought it, and it will hold two of my 5 gallon cornies. That means up to two beers on tap. Or three, if I utilize the 3 gallon cornie. Stoked? You bet.

Also, just opened a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Had to stop pouring it to check the label. The stuff looked like syrup, and with good reason. You gotta have a REAL strong malt profile to back up a 10%abv beer. Smell: Roasted barley, all the way. Taste: Chocolate, and a little figgy, plummy, deep dark fruit. Pure deliciousness. It's amazing how drinking nothing but IPA's for the past couple weeks can make you appreciate something like a stout so much more.

Now all that's left to do is get off my ass and brew. Got AVBC's festival coming up, and I need that Maibock ready to rock. No time, no time. Maybe I'll just skip class. It would be for "research" purposes anyway, right? Right?

Cheers, brothers and sisters, and happy beering!