Friday, April 16, 2010

In all its glory

Here's the maibock, in all its tasty goodness, becoming...tastier. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised wen I racked it into the keg. Not saying it could win awards. Doubt it really qualifies as a maibock, either, but I don't give a damn. It's gonna provide a few great hours of refreshment when the time comes. That time being the 14th AVBC beer festival. Gonna be epic. Always is. In case you're wondering: Secondary conditioning in the keg, gonna re-keg into the 3 gallon and take that to the fest, bottling the remainder.

Also, just in case you're especially curious, that's a bottle of Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary Stout. Waiting for a decently special occasion to open that one. And a glass of Nikansi Total Domination IPA. Very nice, with a bit of the citrusy aromas that I love so dearly, and just enough caramel malts.

P.S. I love my fridge...when it's not icing up on the ceiling, that is. Next step is to tap the door and put a pretty faucet on it.

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