Saturday, May 29, 2010

Money grubbing bastards!

Seriously, what kind of ass puts on a beer event with unlimited pours? They must just be trying to steal my money, because, wait...unlimited pours? Oh. Well...

Let's just say I'm glad I went to Sudz in the City, Fresno's only beer event (at least that I know of). As with limited pour events, I suspected it of being all about making money and very little to do with beer. I was very, very skeptical. As my sister told me, last year the entrance fee garnered eight tickets, and that's all. None available for purchase after that. Eight pours. At least twenty brewers. Eight pours. Are you kidding? I was so reluctant I almost didn't go. But this year they changed to unlimited pours, and had at least thirty brewers signed up. I'd say twenty showed up, but hey, thirty confirmed isn't half bad. And the music was worth is. Motel Drive, a favorite of ours, kicked off the event, and we celebrated with some OK beers after that.

Highlights of Sudz were...well...Orcutt Brewing Co Pale Ale. Just kinda nice, in a well balanced, unoffensively hoppy sort of way(for a normal pale, that is). Mostly 2 row pale with a little C40 for slight color and body. I'd actually like to see more pale-colored pales out there. It leaves room for the hops to shine without outshining the malt, if you do it right. The guy currently brews with a homebrew system on steroids. I can definately appreciate that. And, he uses White Labs yeast, so I actually know what the heck he's talking about when he says WLP-001.

Other highlight includes discovering a great eats place downtown. Austins. Phenomenal food. Slow service, but worth every penny. Burger cooked medium-rare, as ordered, and smothered with a house-made bleu cheese dressing almost worth dying for. And sweet potato fries, shoestring cut, crispy and sweet to boot. No dressing or sauce necessary.

All in all, a great night. Had some decent beers, heard some good music, ate some good food, and made some new friends.

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