Friday, June 25, 2010

The World is MY apple

Ok, so maybe not. But it almost feels like it. I was called by a classmate of mine last night. His name is Chris. He heads up the Enology Society at California State University, Fresno. According to Chris, there is sufficient interest to start a Brewing Club. Guess who he called first to head the brewing club? Damn Straight! Me! To be honest, I was caught off guard. Up until now there has only been a muddled, beaten down, inexplicably hopeful interest in a brewing club. And thanks to Chris, it may happen. I am now in the process of brainstorming with a personally nominated co-head as to what exactly we will do. And, to top things off, Tioga-Sequioa Brewing Company, formerly just Sequioa, is willing to work with us and potentially let us USE THEIR EQUIPMENT! Seriously. Professional brewery. That thing I want to own/run some day. Me. Pressing buttons, boiling stuff. Making stuff. With super awesome equipment. If I weren't so skeptical of everything, I'd probably crap my pants. Just got to work out the details. It's a good thing I didn't quit school just yet.

Other than that, some other friends from school liked my Maibock (take that, Germany!) and I like Port Brewing's Wipeout IPA.

Cheers, and don't give up, friends.

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