Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boring, boring, boring

Everything is boring. I'm a hop-head, and almost every "IPA" I try is boring. Not hoppy. Maybe a hint of bitterness, maybe even 70-80 something IBU's, but way too much malt to balance it. Come on! This isn't England brewing for Imperial India, this is the West Coast brewing for...their own taste buds. And I am disappointed. What happened to aggressively hopped beers? Did you all get too old to recognize that you still love those things that push the boundaries? I haven't. That's why my new IPA recipe, if it doesn't change, is as follows:

10 lbs 2 row pale
1.0 lb Munich
0.5 lb Crystal 20

1.10 oz Columbus @60
0.5 oz Centennial @45
1.5 oz Centennial @15
1.0 or 1.5 oz Citra @5
0.5 oz Centennial dry-hopped
0.5 oz Citra dry-hopped

Beer Alchemy predicts a OG of 1.060 and FG 1.014 with ABV 6.2%, and 107 IBU.

I think that's hoppy enough. Screw balance.

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