Tuesday, October 12, 2010

America is the Berst

Yep, berst. I meant best, but decided I liked how it sounded. Why is America the Berst? Because we know how to use, and sometimes lovingly and tastily abuse, hops. Some might say my palate has been indoctrinated. To them I say, at least they did it deliciously.

So what's the occasion? Well, glad you asked. My IPA is cold crashing right now, soon to be kegged and carbed, then tapped. Calculations say it should be in the vicinity of 90 IBU, and with plenty of Citra hops and generous dry hopping it should be a hop bomb of delicious proportions. Excited, I sure am.

Cheers, beery siblings, and good luck finding the Great Pumpkin.

P.S. If you want to read some interesting stuff, check out a separate, and unrelated, post I've started. Just a warning: most people probably won't understand. If you do, then subscribe, comment, or just enjoy.

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