Friday, December 10, 2010

Revitalization my ass!

Congratulations, Downtown Revitalization Committee, you've done it again. What have you done? Well, you've given a fairly sure impression that you are actually working to revitalize downtown Fresno (my current residence, in California). However, the case is not so. Prohibitive rents and lack of usable space will leave downtown wanting and barren. Why? Because every space is an office! How many independent consulting services can we really need? Every space that is not an office is a retail outlet! People only have so much money to spend. How about: 1)Subsidizing rent for businesses, especially emerging ones, 2)Encouraging development of spaces that could be used for purposes other than offices, like, maybe a brewery! Seriously, how am I supposed to bring my business downtown if I can't even afford the rent to live near a workplace. Forget the fact that I would have to make initial and ongoing investments to keep up a business; I need a place to sleep, first. I have no problem fitting a very small capacity brewery into a small space, I'm only 5'7" and lean, after all. But getting a permit to brew, not to mention proper sewage and disposal facilities, in the midst of a bunch of suits and cellphones, will not just be next to impossible, it'll be almost overlapping impossible.

I'm glad that developers are putting some effort into making downtown nice again, but their heads aren't in the right places. They still need grocers, restaurants, and better breweries. There is only one brewery that actually is downtown, the other is slightly north, and the former has very mixed reviews, mostly of the bad kind. How about a theater, too? I mean, like a regular movie theater, not a performing arts theater.

In case you couldn't guess from the previous two paragraphs of rant, I'm looking into starting a brewery. Most likely, it would be of "nano" capacity, but I don't mind starting small. However, it's extremely disappointing to find that the downtown revitalization effort has little to no bite. It's all bark. My dad told me they've been trying to revitalize that place for the past 30 some-odd years.

On another note, tasted the brew club's coffee porter just before bottling. Once it conditions, it's gonna be real nice.

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