Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Everything is on hiatus. I'd like to brew for an upcoming trip to a festival, Hops in Humbholdt, but moving to a new house, or apartment, or my car seat, has that idea on hold for now. Dammit! I'd really like to do a double IPA like I planned for this fest, but current situations may not permit it. Oh well. A temporary stay at the parents' house will give me a chance to brew a beer for fun, and a new apartment, once found, will give me all the room I need to brew whatever the hell I want, when I want. Only stipulations: garage, below the unit, or attached to. And no stupid regualtions against gas burners. Stupid cheap-ass apartment managers not wanting to pay fire insurance. Go to hell.

On another note, Green Flash West Coast IPA is officially one of my all-time favorite IPAs. Dank, wet hops, with just a tinge of malt in the background. Not terribly expensive, but at roughly $8 per 4-pack, it's enough to make me stick with one per night.

All in all, things can only get better from here. More brewing, more fixing and tinkering with things. More freedom.

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