Wednesday, January 18, 2012

IBU Madness!

I've done it! I've reached unthinkable heights in bitterness! At least that's what the calculations tell me.

Just made a massive IPA. I'm not gonna call it an imperial, or a double, or triple, or even quad. I'm thinking Hyper IPA would be an appropriate name. People who talk to me on a regular basis wouldn't be surprised. They know I love the word "hyper". Nobody uses it, that's why. Anyways, I wanted to make something that would knock even my own socks off. So, I calculated what I would need to do to reach 140ish IBU, then I multiplied that by 0.85 (my own accomodation for what I believe to be overzealous calculations) and came up with 120ish IBU in the recipe I was designing. The only thing is, once I actually bought the hops, they had a higher reported alpha acid content than I had planned on. Oh well, just go with it, I thought. So I went with it, and reached, according to Palmer (who I believe uses Tinseth) 153.77 IBU. Multiply that by my magical 0.85, and you get 130.7 IBU. Not too shabby, I'd say. On to the recipe:

11 lbs pale 2-row
1.0 lb C20
0.5 lb munich

3 oz Columbus @ 60 min (14.4% aa)
0.95 oz Centennial @ 45 min (8.7% aa)
0.20 oz Summit @ 45 min (16.7% aa)
1 oz Amarillo @15 min (10.3% aa)

OG 1.060
WLP-001 California Ale Yeast

If you're wondering about the summit addition, it's because the 1 oz pack of Centennial I bought wasn't actually 1 oz. And, on a whim, I decided to add more than I needed to make up for it. Tasting it now, from my hydrometer test jar, it's barely got a hint of sweet caramel malt, and an already tongue-scraping bitterness.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna dry hop in the keg with two more ounces of Centennial. Boom.

Cheers, everyone, and happy beering.

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