Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Belgium/Lost Abbey Collaboration

Brett Beer is what it's called. Savory, soft, with a hint of pineapple or mango, I can't really decide which. Light-medium bodied and very drinkable. It's a collaboration beer. Two brewers (or more) got together to brew this. Why?

It seems to me that this particular collaboration beer could have been done by one brewer alone. It isn't that hard to find strains of Brettanomyces, just stop your cleaning regimen for a day or so, or maybe just buy a strain from a commercial yeast supplier. So why work with another brewer to get something so readily available? Marketing. By making this a "one-off" beer, the exclusivity will sell the beer without much outside help (being part of the "Lips of Faith" series helps as well). This brings to mind, however, a beer I have yet to try: Brux, a "domesticated wild ale" that is a collaboration beer between two of my most trusted breweries, Russian River and Sierra Nevada. The term "wild" implies that there is much more than Brett and regular old S. cerevisiae. There are plenty of wild yeasts that are locals to certain areas outside the reach of either of the brewers. Marketing again? Probably. Greater chance of being a genuine interest in making something unique? More plausible on this one. Weigh in, please. Convince me I'm wrong.

P.S. Marketing gimmicks aside, try the Brett Beer if you can get it. Very interesting and totally worth whatever it was I paid for it.

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