Friday, July 20, 2012

Palate Wrecker

Green Flash is trying to ruin my palate. They are literally trying to wreck it. Also known as Hamilton's Ale, the Palate Wrecker is slowly working my taste buds over as I type. Lingering bitterness, spicy and resinous hops. A bit of mango, or maybe lychee, on the nose (the MO in their other IPAs). Just a bit of malt sweetness, but no real malt presence. The poster said 6 lbs of hops per barrel; by my calculations, that's a metric shit ton. And for some reason I want to make some cheap hot dogs to go along with it (with bacon and spicy mayo, of course). This is one of only a few beers that has made me really sit back and contemplate the drink itself recently. Kudos, Green Flash.

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