Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saison is up and running!

Hey, what's that? Oh, it's the Saison I just put on tap, no big deal. Except for the fact that I'm damn impressed with myself (for sitting around and doing a whole lotta nothing!). But for reals, here goes: Fruits, like strawberries and fuji apples on the nose (maybe a bit of mango, never enough mango), tempered by a whiff of funk. You know, the funky kind of funk. Transition to a completely different taste, with wheat-bready flavors (despite the lack of wheat) and a bit more of that old-fashioned funk, almost blue cheese without the lactose part. Next throw in the slightest hint of oak. Take all that and finish with a tongue-drying bitterness; spicy, without being piney, earthy might be a better word. And here I thought the over-hopping had, it just shows itself on the latter end.

Oh, yeah, that bottle in the picture above. That's the same Saison that's in the glass, with a few exceptions: I fermented that one with more oak cubes and alongside locally grown cherries, with a Brett addition to finish it off. Only seven of those twelve-ounce bottles for that version, gotta use those sparingly!

On a side note, tried this little baby the other day. Shaddock IPA is Widmer's X-114 IPA brewed with grapefruit peels. Sounds awesome, right? Honestly, I'd rather have X-114, but this will do in a pinch. Very nice, tropical fruits on the nose and tongue, decently bitter, not insanely alcoholic (thank you, Widmer). Try it if you haven't, I think it's been out for a while now.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hop Wallop!

Victory Brewing Co. has seen fit to grace my local Whole Foods with a bit of some Hop Wallop, amongst others. Starts off a little citrusy, moves into a bit of mango, and finishes fairly clean, with just a bit of lingering bitterness on the sides of the tongue. Definitely not a tongue scraper, but it certainly hints at it. I've gotta say, with the given name I expected more of a, well, wallop. No matter, though, this one is worth a try.

On an unrelated note, my brother gave me a Blichmann BeerGun for my belated birthday present. Shit yeah! Bottling straight from the keg is gonna be so much better than bottle carbonating part of a batch.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Field Mouse's Farewell

Damn. I could sum this beer up with just that one word. However, I will embellish a few more. Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project has done something great here. Field Mouse's Farewell is called a rustic ale, and aptly so. It reminds me of some "rustic" breads I've had before, with a nice grainy taste to it, likely from the use of barley, oats, wheat, and rye. Very nice spice notes and a bit of an earthy undertone to it. Slightly vegetal nose, not much in the way of bitterness, but not overly sweet by any means. Beautiful take on a Saison, and an inspiration for the next one I'll make. Totally worth the money, though I don't remember what I paid for it. If you have access to it, get it now. It's just real nice.

And, quick update on the brewing front: I've been working on a Saison, a portion of which I separated to ferment with cherries, oak cubes, and lactobacillus. The regular saison also had oak cubes, and both are ready for bottling now. Who's excited? This guy.