Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Session Beer!

I've been secretly touting the virtues of session beer for a long time, as well as occasionally discussing what exactly constitutes a session beer. The best definition I've found is contextual, in that a session beer is one that you, the drinker, can consume multiple volumes of within a drinking session without becoming drunk, or even heavily buzzed. This depends on a person's alcohol tolerance, thus the context.

Why do I like the idea of session beers? Because it's a little annoying when I have two or three beers and find my eyes getting squinty and my legs a bit wobbly. Granted, there are many pale ales available on the market that sit at a reasonable alcohol percentage, but many lack the characteristics I enjoy in my beers, specifically the hop presence of many IPAs. So, in essence, I've been searching for a session IPA, which is a bit hard to find. However, I may have come very close. Tap It Brewing's American Standard Ale sits around 5% abv, and has loads of fresh hop aromas, with some nice citrus on the tongue to back it up. A very light body and low bitterness make it easily drinkable, as well as accessible for those not interested in hop bombs.


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